1. Here’s the LNWC mock poster I made for my photoshop final this year.

    I really love what those peeps are doing for the online animation scene so when we were assigned to make a poster the choice was obvious! 

    I really wanted to recreate the sort of dreamy/spookiness
    and texture present in a lot of the shorts.
    I really like the idea of the painted texture
    (oils on glass backlit with a cutout of shrek 5)
    and the super digital system font overlayed on top of it.

    I’ll post more wip of this stuff when I get everything together!


  2. finished an old photoshop camera doodle


  3. Drawing of my dog Lucy for a web design project.

    Photoshop texture brushes amirite?


  4. experiments.

    With school in full force I haven’t really had time to focus on one thing, but I am learning a lot about programs I’ve had a lot to no experience with.

    3D modeling has always been a mystical unknown thing to me until now, so it’s pretty exciting to have that whole world start opening up! At the very least it can be an awesome tool to setup 2D compositions with a 3D space.

    The ms paint comic isn’t something that’s come out of school, but it was an experiment I’d like to look more into. I’ve been a fan of David O’Reilly’s take on aesthetics in a digital medium  and was messing around with how that can be applied to 2D. The idea here was keeping the pencil tool at one pixel, and getting less to more detail by resizing the image.

    I’ve also been learning web design, and tidbits about typography, figure drawing more, etc. Now it’s just a matter of sticking to one idea long enough to make something interesting with it!


  5. duck day!

    It is done. I had a lot of trouble with the bitmaps in flash (horrible idea, but it’s all I know!) and wasn’t really able to fix it, but it’s finished. 

    I’m not proud of the animation itself,  but I think it fits the joke. Oh well! I’m glad I’ve finished it, and I look forward to moving on to better things!

    (Source: youtube.com)


  6. A gif of my duck walk cycle for a little sketchbook animation I’m making, and the original poses sitting on my knee (they’re small!)

    Those bus sketches led me to staying up late one thursday night editing a very amateur two minute-ish audio for a this little guy.

    I also drew a bunch of quick drawings to flesh out his story, now I just need to sit down and put it all together!


  7. An illustration I did for a school PTSA reflections competition.

    The topic was “The Magic of A Moment”, and I figured everyone would be doing a kiss, so I chose to make it about kids, tree forts, and that moment (maybe just in retrospect) where you don’t have a single serious worry.

    I got second at the state level \(‘o’)/


  8. A little story idea Seth and I were working on during the bus ride home yesterday.


  9. I touched up a charcoal owl drawing last year for a scholarship contest.

    Reposting because everybody loves owl!


  10. working on the animatic (basically the storyboard synced to sound) with a bit of quick animation for the giggles. 

    Doing things like thinking about one second of animation for 45 minutes makes for a very long, long process. but it’s good. I think I’ve got a cool story to tell, so I’m really excited to show you guys when it’s more, I guess “put together”.


  11. Taking pug breaks between animating.


  12. A drawing of a guy photographed at a weird angle to mess with perspective (his head is smaller than his foot)

    January is tough man. Working weekends, cold hands, and creeping deadlines are killing me when it comes to making progress on projects like this blog.

    I am, however, making progress. Slowly but surely. I’m definitely doing better than I was one month ago.


  13. More faces in calligraphy pen

    I saw this dude and had to draw him! I’ve never seen a picture where the guys neck and head made a straight line. It was crazy.


  14. I was working on finishing a story I started two years ago this MLKjr weekend. I still haven’t fully wrapped my head around the timing or a satisfying ending, but I’m close!


  15. Day 17

    Drawing some faces with that calligraphy pen.

    I’ve been pretty disappointed in my full figure drawings lately, so I decided to work on some faces. This one in particular turned out the most interesting, but I feel bad drawing them because I’m neglecting my anatomy skills. I shall work on it.