1. I saw my dog staring at me in our driveway, and just thought her shadow looked really cool. Shadows casting a different silhouette is old news, but seeing it in real life, formed naturally was really cool.

    I’m also slowly understanding how to do what I want in terms of painting in photoshop. I think I might be ready to start working with some color!


  2. A finger painting of my truck

    Practicing perspective, I was really not liking how the pen drawing was going, said whatever and busted out some acrylics and started smearing.

    It almost looks kinda good.


  3. Day 11

    A quick, light sketch of some punk-head from two weeks ago. I’ve been slack the last two days but I’m going to be sitting a lot tomorrow at work, so I should be able to get some good sketching done.



  4. Day 10 (<— edited a day later to correct day, that’s how tired I was)

    I’m tired, so here’s an old doodle of a sad leaf in the rain.


    5-day streak


  5. I suck really bad at painting in photoshop. I’m going to try and work on it this week, but man… I really lost everything I learned by not doing any PS painting in a month or so. dang.


  6. We’re learning about eyes in human anatomy, and something stood out as really cool to me. Apparently, the iris (the colored part of the eye) is just an open circle in the eye that gets bigger and smaller to let more or less light in, and the actual black pupil you see is just the un-lit inside of the eye!

    It seem obvious now that I think about it, but just the idea of seeing something like that everyday and not realizing it is such a cool idea for a story or something.

    Hiding in plain sight

    literally (heh heh heh). but puns aside,  it makes me want to make an animation/series of paintings/ comic about someone discovering that on a massive scale, like this sub entering a giant stone eye, acting as a secret entrance for something.

    I’ll explore this more this week (ok I’ll stop). sorry for the late night ramblings.


  7. It’s weird how tough it is for me to get myself to actually start drawing.

    Like, I don’t have a problem drawing for hours (as long as it’s going somewhere) but it’ll take me that long to lay down my first brushstroke in photoshop.

    I guess that something everyone works through, but It’s really hit me hard the last couple days.


  8. Day 3

    I can only stare at myself in a mirror for so long before I get sick of me, and I have reached that point.

    I can’t think of anywhere else to go with this, and I can see lots of things that need to be fixed, but there’s no reason to. I’ll draw something without a face tomorrow.

    UPDATE: Came back and worked on that shirt half a year later. I’m crazy.


  9. day 2:

    I can’t sit still long enough to draw a good self portrait from life (that means while looking at a mirror.) I need to redo the hairline and shading under the left eye, and I sill don’t know how/if I’m going to color this… but I’ll worry about that tomorrow.


  10. I’m going to make an effort to draw and post something everyday this year, regardless of how bad or small it is.So here’s to a more productive 2013!

    11/3/13 edit: This didn’t last a month (of course), but I am still working and posting way more than I ever have this year, so yay for that!


  11. Merry GIFmas!

    I stayed up until 2am making this tiny Christmas animation! Merry GIFmas!


  12. Working on the storyboard for this guy. It’s coming along extremely slow, but nicely!

    12/7/13 edit: Posted the touched up keyframes in gif form


  13. Rainy day sketching, trying to figure out how I’m going to animate this guy.


  14. A Fist Full of Quarter


  15. I was flipping through an old sketchbook and found this bus doodle from a field trip last year.