1. We’re learning about eyes in human anatomy, and something stood out as really cool to me. Apparently, the iris (the colored part of the eye) is just an open circle in the eye that gets bigger and smaller to let more or less light in, and the actual black pupil you see is just the un-lit inside of the eye!

    It seem obvious now that I think about it, but just the idea of seeing something like that everyday and not realizing it is such a cool idea for a story or something.

    Hiding in plain sight

    literally (heh heh heh). but puns aside,  it makes me want to make an animation/series of paintings/ comic about someone discovering that on a massive scale, like this sub entering a giant stone eye, acting as a secret entrance for something.

    I’ll explore this more this week (ok I’ll stop). sorry for the late night ramblings.

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